Sometimes I Don’t Update My Facebook Status Because I Just Don’t, OK?

Surely I’m not the only person in this world who writes long, ranty Facebook status’ and then thinks better of said long, ranty Facebook status, and deletes it? Before it ever makes it to centre stage I mean, you know, before you click ‘Post’.

You see, I have a conscience and I have common sense. Get this…I also have an understanding of what Facebook should actually be used for! Uh huh! That’s right!

Come on, hands up, who gets pissed off with constantly seeing:

“Insert Person’s Name You Identify With” – Aaaaarrrrggghhhh.

…and that’s it.


“Insert Person’s Name You Identify With” – I am so fucked off.

…no more info at all.

It drives me crazy! These posters turn me into a mental person. Factually, that last sentence is incorrect as I am most likely mental already, but it makes me do the very opposite of what these types of post lure you into doing. I label them “Attention Seeking Posts”. Only my closest of friends will ever get a response when they post like this. It also makes me damn careful not to post anything like it myself.

I do not crave attention from Facebook. (Blogging is different! Us bloggers all crave attention in a different way…I got that bit covered already so ner).

Then you have your “Look at what I had for dinner tonight!” status updaters. What The Actual Fuck? Never have I seen such utter shit in my life. Unless I’m looking at a turd of course. So, ok, if you’re a culinary expert, a TV chef or going on GBBO (Great British Bake Off for my non-Brit readers) or posting another picture of how fabulous Burgerry is to Instagram (ok, ok, I am a sinner) but dinner? Every night? Really? Enough already peoples?! I am going to block you very soon, it’s getting on my tits that much.

Pictures of babies and children. Some people really do get riled by this, but I sit on the fence, partly because I have three (gorgeous – totally unbiased, my children are lovely *snigger!*) children and post many pictures of them on FB, but also because I have some friends who have kids who do actually look like they belong on a farm. The parents look like pigs too. Don’t know why I have them as friends…don’t really like them all that much to be honest and I know they don’t like me either – funny thing isn’t it, Facebook. So yeah, I like the pictures of cute babies, the ones where their faces are covered in chocolate, or their bums are stuck in the air when they are sleeping – ugly kids can get the fuck off my screen quite frankly.

Today’s blog post comes from wanting to post a status update on Facebook, but having the common sense and wherewithal not to do it. I have written countless amounts of status updates ranting, raving and cursing and each time I have written an update like it I have grit my teeth and deleted the bloody thing before it took pole position on my timeline, because d’ya know something, the fallout and the repercussions, not just to me but to the people I love so much, of posting to the world how I feel right in that moment, in the bubble of anger, frustration or sadness, simply just isn’t worth it.

Backspace/delete/select all-cut are such good friends!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Don’t Update My Facebook Status Because I Just Don’t, OK?

  1. ” ugly kids can get the fuck off my screen quite frankly.”

    I thought I was the only weird one for feeling so!
    Do you read my mind?

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